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A Directory About A.I Tools Making $8,000 A Month

How this 21-years old runs an A.I tools directory & consulting agency

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your business?

I'm a 21-year-old from BC, Canada, diving deep into my 3rd year of mining engineering. While my background in is the hard rock mining sector, from a young age, I've always been drawn to entreprenurship, particularly e-commerce.

Being a solopreneur, I learned firsthand the importance of scaling smartly. One word: automation. It's been a game-changer for me. This drive to optimize led me to curate a list of AI tools, initially just for personal use.

But as the list grew, I saw a bigger opportunity and thus, AI Scout was born.

It began as a directory, but the entrepreneur in me saw gaps in the market. Many SaaS tools are great, but they often stick to a one-size-fits-all approach, overlooking the unique challenges individual businesses might face.

That's what sparked the idea for AI Scout Solutions. It's not just another AI agency; it's a solution provider. We dive deep, identify specific pain points for businesses, and then design tailored AI and automation solutions. It's about truly understanding and addressing unique needs, and I'm incredibly proud of the work we do.

How did you start this business? Take us through the process.

The initial motivation came from my own experiences. Navigating the world of e-commerce as a solopreneur, I was constantly seeking tools and software to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

But while there were plenty of AI tools available, finding the right one was like searching for a needle in a haystack. I was spending countless hours researching, trialing, and sometimes being disappointed.

One day, after jotting down yet another AI tool on a scrap of paper, I thought, "What if there was a consolidated place for these tools?" That was the spark for AI Scout. I wanted to create a space where entrepreneurs could easily find the AI solutions they needed, without wasting time or resources.

Developing the first product, the AI Scout directory, was an interesting challenge. I started by listing out tools I'd personally encountered or researched. Then, I reached out to my network, fellow entrepreneurs, and even online forums to gather recommendations and feedback.

The website began as a simple spreadsheet, which I then converted into a basic website using platforms like WordPress and plugins that didn't demand hefty development skills.

The initial investment was quite modest. Apart from domain registration and hosting fees, most of my costs were time-oriented. I spent evenings and weekends curating, validating, and categorizing tools. All in all, I'd say the monetary investment for the first version was under $200. But the countless hours of research, networking, and sheer dedication? That was priceless.

However, the more I interacted with users of AI Scout, the clearer it became that while directories are helpful, many businesses had unique challenges that pre-packaged solutions couldn't address. This realization was the catalyst for AI Scout Solutions. I saw an opportunity to not just list tools but to actively bridge the gap between complex business challenges and tailored AI solutions.

The journey has been rewarding, to say the least. Every time we help a business overcome a hurdle or optimize a process, it reinforces the importance of what we're doing. And it all started with a simple list on a scrap of paper!

How did you get your first initial customers?

The very first step we took was launching on ProductHunt.

We ensured our presentation was crisp, the product description compelling, and actively engaged with every comment and query. The launch day was a whirlwind, but it gave us some initial traction and visibility.

Shortly after, we shared our project on Reddit. Reddit can be a goldmine if you hit the right audience. And fortunately for us, our post resonated with the community. It was an organic share detailing our journey and the idea behind AI Scout. The reception was beyond our expectations.

What truly surprised us, though, was when our Reddit post was noticed and shared by some influential social media pages in Eastern Europe. This gave us a boost in traffic and introduced us to a demographic we hadn't initially targeted.

As a result of that post, several websites began linking back to our directory, and the backlinks started to flow in. In the world of online visibility, backlinks are like gold. They not only brought in referral traffic but also played a pivotal role in improving our search engine rankings.

To maintain the momentum, we rolled out a content strategy. We began publishing blog articles on topics relevant to our audience, providing value and insights into the world of AI tools. Simultaneously, we ramped up our social media efforts, sharing updates, user testimonials, and snippets from our blog, making sure we engaged with our followers actively.

Additionally, we initiated guest post outreach. By identifying blogs and platforms that aligned with our niche, we offered to provide content for them. This not only positioned us as thought leaders but also helped in reaching out to a broader audience.

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Since launch, what are your marketing strategies or channels to get new customers?

For our AI tools directory, our approach remains content-driven.

We still produce blog articles, guest posts, and engage in social media activities. On platforms like Reddit, we create listicles which are primarily designed to offer value to the readers. But for those who are curious to know more about us, we've provided links back to our AI tools directory on our profile page.

Now, for AI Scout Solutions, our strategy shifts to a more direct approach. We've identified key pain points in each niche that present opportunities for AI solutions.

Using this information, we've fine-tuned our messaging and primarily engage in cold outreach via emails. An additional strategy that's worked well for us is leveraging our AI tools directory.

We've integrated direct links to our solutions page, and this has turned out to be a rich source of warm leads for us.

How does your business make money?

For the AI Tools Directory:

Submission Fees: As the directory has gained popularity, many AI tool developers or providers want their tools to be listed. We charge a nominal fee for submitting a tool to our directory.

Featured Listings: For providers keen on increasing their tool's visibility, we offer a 'featured' spot that ensures they're prominently displayed at the top of relevant categories.

Newsletter Placements: Our newsletter is a hub for AI enthusiasts and professionals. Tool providers can pay for placements within this newsletter, ensuring they're highlighted directly to our dedicated subscribers.

For AI Scout Solutions:

Our pricing model here is a tad more intricate, given the bespoke nature of our offerings.

Productized Services: These are standardized AI solutions where the framework remains largely consistent, with minor tweaks based on the client's requirements. For instance, our e-commerce chatbots, especially those integrated with platforms like Shopify, come with a set price. The package deal here is $800 for the setup, followed by a monthly $50 fee that covers maintenance and any minor updates. If a client opts for a version without API integration, we reduce the price to $500. However, the final pricing can vary slightly based on hosting decisions – whether we take care of it or if the client prefers to.

Bespoke Projects: Larger, more intricate projects are quoted based on their specific demands. For example, creating an extensive report generator capable of churning out 100-page reports isn't something we can have a flat rate for. Factors like the report's variability, language intricacies, and other such nuances come into play. A project of this magnitude could cost upwards of $10,000 just for the initial setup.

To add a touch more clarity on our approach: instead of traditional hourly rates or fixed price tags, we lean into value-based pricing. It's all about understanding the unique value a solution brings to a particular client and pricing it accordingly. This ensures both fairness and transparency.

In terms of future plans, we are potentially looking into charging for article features on our directory site, as well as offering lead-gen and appointment booking services to AI SaaS companies who want to go B2B.


AI Scout Solutions: Our main revenue stream here depends on the projects we onboard. On average, we're closing 1-2 deals a week, with each deal bringing in approximately $1,100. So, doing the math, that's roughly $4,400 to $8,800 per month from AI Scout Solutions alone.

AI Tools Directory: This channel has been consistent in bringing in between $1,000 to $2,000 per month, depending on the site traffic and the subsequent directory submissions and featured listings.

Operating Costs:

Our monthly operational expenses, which cover everything from hosting fees to third-party tool subscriptions, add up to around $900 USD.

Where can we go to lean more about you and your business?

Here are some links you can go to learn more:

AI Tools Directory: https://aiscout.net/

AI Agency (AI Scout Solutions): https://aiscout.net/solutions/