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  • A Monitoring Tool For Websites Making $11K MRR

A Monitoring Tool For Websites Making $11K MRR

Selling a piece of mind and making $11K a month as a solo founder

A Monitoring Tool For Websites Making $11K MRR

What is the business and who’s behind it?

Hyperping is a monitoring tool designed to keep websites, APIs, and servers in check, ensuring minimal downtime and swift issue resolution.

What sets Hyperping apart is its commitment to transparency, as it also provides a status page that empowers companies to keep their customers informed about any ongoing issues.

Behind this innovative startup is Léo Baecker, a young entrepreneur from Paris, France, who embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and determination.

How was the business started?

In his blog post, Leo shared about his entrepreneurial story and how it began at the age of 16 when he was unceremoniously kicked out of his father's home. With no financial resources or formal education, he decided to take a leap of faith into the world of software engineering and startup culture. Léo's survival instinct instilled in him a sense of entrepreneurship, which led him to the world of coding and product development. After a year and a half of wandering with a 0€ balance, Leo finally got settled in Paris and got his first real, legal, full-time job as a junior frontend engineer.

An excerpt from his blog

After several years of relentless effort, Léo celebrated his 23rd birthday with an accomplishment that surpassed the expectations of many - the launch of Hyperping, his first product. He started building it while maintaining a full-time job as a frontend software engineer, and Hyperping quickly gained momentum in the market.

Léo's journey involved multiple attempts and failures as he navigated the intricate landscape of solo-making, searching for the perfect product idea. It wasn't until he discovered the concept of the Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) that he found his path forward. Setting a strict deadline of three months, Léo launched Hyperping on Product Hunt, earning over 600 upvotes and reaching the coveted #3 position for the day.

What are some of the marketing strategies used?

The success of Hyperping can be attributed to Léo's strategic and innovative marketing approach.

According to this interview done in 2018, one pivotal strategy was building the product from the ground up in public view. Léo shared his progress and engaged with a community of makers on platforms like wip.chat, where he could receive real-time feedback from individuals with various skills, ranging from copywriting to design and development.

Another critical milestone in Hyperping's journey was the launch on Product Hunt.

The platform proved to be an invaluable validation tool, attracting thousands of visitors, hundreds of signups, and numerous conversions into paid users.

Léo offered a 30% discount coupon code for six months, which incentivized dozens of people to subscribe, providing a substantial motivation to continue developing the product.

Léo's approach also involved engaging in conversations with every user who signed up for Hyperping. He took the time to understand their use cases and resolved their problems, thereby building strong relationships and fostering customer loyalty.

The success of Hyperping demonstrated that a combination of clear vision, a timeline for product development, and open communication with potential users can be the keys to effective marketing.

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How does the business make money?

Hyperping generates revenue primarily through subscriptions, via different pricing plans:

As of September 2023, Hyperping boasts around 232 customers and is making $11,000 MRR, according to this tweet from Leo:

Hyperping is also an open startup, where Leo shares openly the company’s revenue, fees and other stats:

This subscriber base, coupled with the transparent and efficient services provided, ensures a steady stream of income, making Hyperping a thriving business venture.

Léo's journey from a struggling entrepreneur to a successful solo-maker exemplifies the power of perseverance, community engagement, and innovative marketing strategies in the world of startups. His experience serves as an inspiration to others looking to break into the competitive world of software engineering and product development.

Where can we go to learn more about this business?

Here are some links you can learn more about Alex and his business:

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