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  • A No-Code Tool For Programmatic SEO Making $1,085 MRR In Just 4 Months

A No-Code Tool For Programmatic SEO Making $1,085 MRR In Just 4 Months

How she monetize her SEO knowledge and built a SaaS business with No-Code tools

A No-Code Tool For Programmatic SEO Making $1,085 MRR

What is the business and who’s behind it?

PageFactory is a SaaS tool that helps people generate and publish content for programmatic SEO without code. It focuses on helping websites enhance their content and expand their reach through programmatic SEO.

Programmatic SEO is the brainchild of Allison Seboldt, an SEO enthusiast with a mission to make SEO more accessible and efficient for non-technical users.

For those who don’t know what Programmatic SEO is, it is a strategy that automates the content creation process for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like Google search results. Getting traffic from search engines is highly beneficial, but it typically demands extensive research and time-consuming, and lengthy content creation, which can be both monotonous and time-intensive.

Programmatic SEO stands out by automating the laborious aspects of traditional, long-form SEO. It achieves this by extracting data and applying it to pre-designed templates, enabling software to generate numerous landing pages simultaneously. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of SEO with significantly reduced effort.

How was the business started?

Having initially experimented with this powerful SEO strategy for her project, Fantasy Congress, Allison began to recognize the transformative potential of programmatic SEO.

According to Allison, she detailed her experiences with Programmatic Seo in this blog post back in 2021, which garnered significant attention and prompted numerous inquiries about programmatic SEO.

Eager to help, Allison started consulting on the topic, even implementing programmatic SEO for some clients.

This experience revealed a pressing need for accessible solutions, as many non-technical founders sought to leverage programmatic SEO to promote their products but lacked a user-friendly tool to do so.

Spring marked the moment of action, as Allison launched a content generation tool online, marking the early stages of what would eventually become PageFactory.

PageFactory emerged as a no-code tool designed to make programmatic SEO accessible to everyone.

Traditionally, this strategy required custom page templates and often necessitated hiring developers or learning to code, serving as a significant entry barrier for many.

However, with PageFactory, Allison created a point-and-click platform that empowers users to effortlessly craft templates, generate content, and publish it on their websites without any coding skills required.

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What are some of the marketing strategies used?

PageFactory's remarkable success can be attributed, in part, to Allison Seboldt's savvy marketing strategies.

Building an audience on Twitter has been a pivotal avenue for spreading the word about PageFactory. The real-time nature of Twitter makes it an invaluable platform for connecting with the target audience.

Allison's journey from PageFactory's launch in mid-July, which boasted a waitlist of 273 subscribers, to the present, with 22 paying subscribers and over $500 in monthly recurring revenue in just one and a half months, illustrates the effectiveness of this approach.

Moreover, she utilizes her blog and Twitter to "build in public," sharing her programmatic SEO experiences and discoveries openly.

By sharing her knowledge and experiences, Allison effectively positioned herself as an authority in the programmatic SEO space, generating interest and trust among her followers. This has been instrumental in gaining early traction and fostering a loyal user base.

How does the business make money?

PageFactory generates revenue through its subscription-based model.

It empowers users to automate content creation for SEO purposes using data and templates, eliminating the need for manual coding. Users can create, generate, and publish content in bulk to their websites without requiring extensive technical skills.

The success of PageFactory is evident in its quick growth, reaching $1,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) within four months of its launch. The tool has assisted approximately 250 users in streamlining their SEO efforts and generating content more efficiently. Allison's tool has been instrumental in helping small businesses increase their website traffic through programmatic SEO.

The goal now is to find the right product-market fit and continue expanding the reach and impact of PageFactory.

Allison Seboldt's journey into programmatic SEO, her development of PageFactory, and her commitment to "building in public" are emblematic of the power of innovation and community-building in the digital age. Her work underscores the potential for simplifying complex processes and making them accessible to a broader audience, paving the way for more individuals to leverage the benefits of SEO.

Where can we go to learn more about this business?

Here are some links you can learn more about Alex and his business:

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