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  • A One-Person Video Editing Agency Making $15,000 Every Month

A One-Person Video Editing Agency Making $15,000 Every Month

How this 18 years old helps companies turn their footage into viral videos

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your business?

My name is Erick Ulrich, I'm an 18-year-old boy from southern Brazil - imagine like farms, lots of forest, and nothing to do lol.

My business is called Conect (With one N) and we connect content creators with resources that will make them multiply their views (specially on IG) so they can build their brands and sell more.

Our main thing is video editing based on science -> stuff that literally affects how long, how much, and why people watch your video.

But our new thing is viral scripts -> Scripts that have been tested and approved as potentially viral, for anyone, at any level.
the website is

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How did you start this business? Take us through the process.

Back in 2022 a buddy and I were working for a supper &sshole boss in a video editing agency. I was hired firstly in 2021 as a video editor (i was like a top-level one already, consider it senior), and went up the rankings of the company gradually because I was so ambitious and full of ideas.

At around August 2022, I became COO which mainly meant I'd take care of operations. It was HELL. But that's where i met my partner Gustavo, who was Head of sales at the time. Mind you, I'm 18 and he's around 40. So it's a weird partnership haha.

Now, of course there were many other things, like for example that boss was an idiot.

He treated us almost like slaves, paying the least possible and requiring insane work hours and results. I was being paid around $2500 (which made me millionaire-level on brasil almost) for all-day work, like from waking up to going to bed. Now, If I, as COO, second-in-command, am being paid $2500, imagine the editors who are the lowest tier. I tried, later on, increasing everyone's salaries but the boss didn't even hear me lol.

Not only that, but he promised views & quality & turnaround times to clients which we never delivered on. And he knew that. He did it on purpose just to close the deals. Bro was basically a salesman on steroids with money to play with.

My buddy and I got fed up.

We had the 2 highest positions in the company besides the boss, so we knew the processes in and out. After talking to each other one night while doing extra hours, we decided to end his abusive empire once and for all.

And the drop in the needle was Gustavo got fired out of nowhere, without being paid what he worked for. It was like a couple week's worth, but he had bills so it mattered.

Now, let's backtrack a bit. It's December 2022: I've been COO for a few months now and am getting tired.

So I set up a website using my mom's company name (her company never really worked, it wasn't making any money. She already had the brand and domain so i said fuck it, let's make it happen) and some social media accounts.

Initially the domain was being paid by my mom but it was like $5 a year, those cheap domains. It's still that one to this day. Conectdigital.com

We mispelled Connect because the domain written correctly was more expensive. Then it just became brand. Conect. The original slogan she made was "Connecting you to the digital world" but that was a bit cringy for me.

I'm gonna make this boring part a bit quick:

  • December 2022: Design website, socials.

  • Start cold dm-ing clients from the Asshole boss' agency that had dropped him.

  • In the 28th of december I closed 2 clients and made around $500 rev that month.

For the editors, I just took my friends that were on the asshole agency. like 80% of the people that worked there ended up liking me because of how nice i was compared to the boss. Converting them over was easy.

January 2022: Hire designer & video editor to make AI content just to age the account and fill it up with numbers (posts)

I just asked chatgpt (which had just released i think) to make 300 posts for video and carousels, then sent to these guys and paid them like $5 for each. It cost a lot later on, and i think the strategy was kinda bad, because it's too corporate, but i was too dumb at that time. If i could go back in time now, i'd start making original content showing myself and build a personal brand instead. Like Erick Bryan, but then have an agency on the background. Anyway, we filled the accounts with posts.

It was on january where my partner got fired.

On january we kept sending cold DM-s on instagram, and made around $2800 of rev. Profit was a bit low due to the costs like design, videos, and etc.

February: On feb 17 i quit the asshole agency, and went all in on Conect. We didn't change the strategy: Cold-DM peolpe on IG and post some shitty content. Somehow, we made $8k rev. Don't ask me how - I don't know.

March: I understand that the product is #1. I think it was on an hormozi video or something like that. Then, started developing to the best of my professional editing capabilities, the perfect video edits. Using science and etc, to actually get results.

From April and forward, we made around $10-15k every month, with some highs and lows. The one thing we focused on is Cold DMING, stopped content. I think because i am not in america, instagram only pushes the content to brazilians. It's kind of annoying. Focused 100% on developing the best product possible.

On september (this month) we had a drastic fall on rev, we made around $3k, and we're not sure why, but i've hired a mentor to help us out. We need to scale our Cold-Dming to 500 a day (were doing 100) and when we have that running, start other forms of advertising like paid ads or go back to content but this time actually do it good. Tbh, i'm pretty scared because i heard a guy on reddit say people through 2021-2022 mid were just spending money because they had so much left over from the pandemic. Or something like that. Also, we're now having a LOT OF focus on referrals and going back to old clients. I'm scared, But i'll keep trying!

The first videos cost us $7 - 10 depending on style, and now we're trying to go to $15-$25 per video. The client cost was $15-$18, and now we're pushing $25 - $40.

To do that: Increasing video style

And, our new product is video scripts. Basically I just scour the internet looking for viral videos, match them up together (lots of viral videos are already-made videos that already went viral) and condense them to optimize for view duration. That's a viral script. My goal is to reach 100k/mo before next april. (it's impossible)

How did you get your first initial customers?

We did a lot of stuff:

What worked: Cold-Dm a list on instagram / Asking for referals / Google ads

What didn't work: Content, paid FB/IG ads, FB groups, and reddit advertising

With the "worked" methods, we went from 0 to 20 active clients in 3 months which made us $16k (in that 3rd month) - now we have around 35 clients, half of which are active.

For the cold dms, they were really bad at first, like "hey we do videos want a sample?" (of course more detailed but that level of bad.)

After studying Hormozi's texts and ads, i've started to incorporate:

  • Results we're gonna get them

  • How their life will look like if they dont work with us

  • Social proof

  • Guarantee

  • and some other details like scarcity and time delay.

Since launch, what are your marketing strategies or channels to get new customers?

Right now we're just doing Cold DMS trying to expand them to 500/day. Our coach said basically that essentially, the more DMs, the more clients. Right?

Like we were doing $3000 a month and getting 1-2 clients, if we do $30k a month, that's 10-20 clients. Math!

And we've started paid Google ads 7 days ago, paid $120 and got a costumer already for a $750 package. So it paid itself, so far, and we're gonna keep pushing it.

After those 2 are up and running well, we're gonna double them as soon as possible and then go to content once we have enough money to dedicate time to it.

On Brazil i already have a successful account using content so i'm guessing it won't be too hard. But it needs time.

How does your business make money?

Right now we have services. And those services have packages.

  • 1 video edit = $30

  • 30 video edits = $25 each, totalling $750

Off that $750, for example:

  • $250 goes to the editor, on average. Sometimes more depending on style.

Off the $500 left, around $100 are used on expenses with the client or other company expenses. So $400 left, which will be kept in the bank.

It's a big profit margin, but we sell so little.We haven't gone through a year yet, so dunno how much will be taxed. Now, we have a client for Editing + posting which is $1500 total.

And for expanding, we want to add scripts that get results to increase the price from $750 for 30 to $1600 for 30. And the more results we get, the more we increase the price of that. It's cool cause' the product doesn't change, we'd get more money by making the client's more results. (However that product hasn't launched exactly yet)

Another product that is doing well is the AI-Voice cloning. We clone the clients voice and use viral scripts to make videos + broll. They don't have to do anything. But it's $30/video, for 30 monthly credits that expire every month. We have 2 clients for that.

I like to say "$15K MRR in 3 months" cause it looks good.

However if we get real, our MRR is around 12K. - until September, where the average goes down to 8k MRR :(

Where can we go to lean more about you and your business?

For my business you can learn more at conectdigital.com or on instagram at @conectvids

For me, myself, @erickulrichk for english and @erickbulrich for portuguese, on instagram.