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His Solo, Bootstrapped A.I Side Project Is Making $4,000 Monthly

85% profit margin. Side Project. One-Person Business.

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your business?

Hi Indie Hustlers! I am Ramsri, a 34-year-old SaaS builder from Hyderabad, India

In short, I am a creator in AI who runs two SaaS apps (Questgen.ai & Supermeme.ai), teaches AI courses (learnnlp.academy) and works as a fractional AI developer advocates at Segmind.com!

Questgen.aiΒ is a solo bootstrapped app built by me that uses AI to generate quizzes (MCQs, True/False, etc) from any text. It has 60k+ users and is currently at $2,100 MRR.

I operate it solo at a profit margin of 85%.

How did you start this business? Take us through the process.

Back in 2020, I was exploring ideas and talked with a few edtech companies to identify ideas at the intersection of edtech and AI.

A few ideas that popped up were analytics on live video classes, adaptive learning, and automated quizzes.

A working example of Questgen.AI

After further discussion, it was evident that a lot of edtech companies/publishers outsource their quiz creation process to 3rd party vendors. Then it became clear that there could be an opportunity here to automate quizzes with AI tech.

Back then OpenAI GPT3-like models didn't exist so coming from an AI background I trained a few AI models myself. But later as tech progressed (GPT-3/GPT-4) it became all the more evident that this idea is more feasible now than ever!

I started with an open-source library, created a course, and later converted it into a SaaS. Since I was not familiar with full-stack technologies as an AI developer, I started with no-code tech (Bubble.io) and only recently moved to full-stack tech after learning the necessary tech (NextJS 13 + React)

How do you get customers for your product?

I first started writing blogs on Medium on the topic of AI-generated quizzes and open-sourcing some code snippets, techniques, and algorithms.

I wrote about 10-15 blogs on various related topics. In the meanwhile, over the course of a year, the traffic to the blogs grew and I also released a course on Udemy related to question generation using AI.

Once I built the necessary skills and launched this as a SaaS, I plugged the links of the SaaS in all the blog posts, course material, and other relevant places eg: the Github code repository.

Slowly SEO started picking up and folks organically discovered Questgen.ai from blogs, Google search, Github, etc and I integrated Stripe and made the first dollar.

At first, it was a pay-to-buy X runs business model simply because of my skill not knowing how to add subscriptions. Later, almost after a year, I added subscriptions, and slowly things started to take off.

Traffic from blogs, Google search (SEO), course, and Github (code) are the primary drivers of growth. I focus a lot on SEO where I create alternate landing pages for several features eg: "AI MCQ generator", "AI True/False Generator", "AI Fill in the blank Generator" etc

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How does your business make money?

The current model is subscription-based. It is $15/month or $150/year.

There is also a B2B version with API access where plans start at 299$/month.

The business is currently making $4,000 MRR with 230 paying customers (B2C + B2B).

The operating costs are about 15-20% as it is solo operated by me and the biggest cost driver is the LLM APIs (OpenAI, Anthropic, etc)

Where can we go to lean more about you and your business?

I share my updates almost daily on my social channels:

The app website is https://www.questgen.ai/

That’s a wrap! 🌯

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