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A Simple "Link-In-Bio" Tool Making $20,000 MRR

From side-project to a 5-figure online business

What is the business and who’s behind it?

Built as a side project by its founder, this simple link-in-bio tool managed to hit $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue just 3 years after it officially launched.

Liinks was created by Charlie Clark, who run this micro-saas business on his own.

What’s even more amazing is that the business runs on very low overhead costs. According to Charlie’s tweet here, he’s only paying about $10/day for server costs:

Let’s learn more about the business!

How was the business started and how did it grow?

According to Charlie, he launched the tool on Product Hunt back in 2021:

“TLDR: We just launched Liinks on PH. Check it out and upvote here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/liinks

Liinks has evolved A LOT since I first soft launched it at the end of January. It went from being a super simple tool that allowed you to manage the redirects to a full fledged link management tool, that can essentially be a drop in replacement for links of Linktr.ee etc...

Use Liinks to create and customize an elegant landing page for your links. Connect with Instagram to automatically add links from your post captions to your page. It's simple, fast, and 100% free.”

According to Liinks’ indie hackers page, the tool got its first customers after almost 2 months later, making $3 in the process:

4 months later, it hits the coveted $1,000 MRR mark, after introducing several new features, a 14 day free trial for its premium features, and a decent amount of paid marketing on Instagram

2 months later, Charlie increased the price of Liinks, from $3 to $3.99, and hit $2,000 MRR:

Charlie continue to work on Liinks, and slowly grow it to $15K in Dec 2022:

And then finally, $20K MRR in July 2023:

How is the business better than the rest?

So what really set Liinks apart from other link-in-bio tool?

By comparing Liinks with a couple of other similar tools, we believe what set it apart from its competition boils down to this one feature:

We’ve not seen this feature in other tools, and its a game-changer according to many users.

Coupled that with an easy to use interface, Liinks managed to rise above in a crowded and saturated market:

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Where can we go to learn more about this business?

Here are some links you can learn more about: