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Teaching People How To Use This Software and Making Over $200,000

How a former project manager taught herself this software and now makes over $200,000

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your business?

Hello 👋, I'm Molly, a 38-year-old Certified Notion Consultant from the United States.

I've been residing on an island in Thailand since 2020.

For the past three years, my primary business has been operating Notionology.com, one of the pioneering digital agencies committed to helping businesses build custom Notion solutions.

How did you start this business? Take us through the process.

The business began unintentionally.

I resigned from my corporate job as a Project Manager in 2018 to travel the world. I managed to visit over 80 destinations for just under $9,000 (for two people), mainly through travel hacking. I felt compelled to share this with the world.

However, as I was about to launch the travel hacking product, the pandemic struck, altering my plans. During the product's development, I managed the entire process using Notion, which I grew to love.

I found myself assisting people in Facebook groups and even landing a few small jobs. Notion noticed my work and invited me to apply for their upcoming Certified Consultants Program. The rest is history.

I didn't have to invest a lot of money or put forth excessive effort; everything seemed to fall into place effortlessly.

Before I knew it I was one of the leading Consultants and created the first and only course dedicated to teaching others how to make money as a Notion Consultant.

How did you get your first initial customers?

At this stage in my career, I work with two types of customers.

Primarily, as a Notion Consultant, I seek clients for custom builds. However, much of this is now facilitated through the official Notion Consultants directory.

Over the past two years, I've also begun sharing my knowledge as a Notion Creator and founder of the Notion Consultants Course.

The course delves into how I found my clients and the marketing strategies you can implement as a Notion Consultant.

As Notion grows in popularity, now boasting over 30,000,000 users, finding participants for the course has become easier.

While many individuals aim to monetize their passion for Notion through template creation, I believe that the real earnings are in consulting.

Since launch, what are your marketing strategies or channels to get new customers?

My strategy has always been quite organic. Interestingly, as a Notion Consultant, I don't have to focus much on marketing. The demand is present, and being certified helps me gain online visibility.

I’m lucky that what I do is useful for ANY and ALL businesses. What I did is target my ideal clients/businesses and where they hang out. The conversations around systems and productivity where everywhere and I just became a voice of authority in these forums and people were interested in working with me.

As a Certified Notion Consultant I was also listed in their exclusive directory and that made it really easy for people to find me. If you search for Notion Consultants, you'll likely find either my course or Notionology on the first page of Google, thanks to strategic SEO efforts.

I'm thrilled to start my YouTube channel, where I'll focus more on content marketing for both clients and course customers. I'll release my first video this week, so make sure to subscribe!

How does your business make money?

The 'Molly Jones' ecosystem monetizes in the following ways:

  • Notionology custom builds ($150 USD per hour)

  • Notion Consultants Course ($575 enrollment fee)

  • Notion Coaching ($150 USD per hour)

  • Notion templates (The Smart Studio Solution starts at $1,000)

While I'm not the biggest fan of selling templates in a sea of overpopulated creators, I do have a few incredibly valuable items in the pipeline that are unlike anything else on the market.

As a Notion Consultant, earnings can fluctuate monthly, but in a busy month, it's possible to make between $10,000 to $15,000 USD.

I maintain a small overhead, employing a few skilled contractors and assistants when necessary, but primarily, I operate independently.

My operational expenses include a few apps like Convertkit and Thinkific, but I typically spend no more than $300 per month on my tech stack.

Since beginning my journey as a Notion Consultant, I have earned just over $200,000 USD.

Although this may not seem substantial, it's important to note that this income was generated working part-time. I typically work 3-4 days a week and take extended vacations (over 4 months) each year.

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Where can we go to lean more about you and your business?

Here are some links you can go to learn more: https://bento.me/mollyj