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His Digital Toolkit Makes $1,000 Every Month

How this data strategist makes an additional $1,000 monthly with his side project

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your business?

Hello. I am Günter and I'm based in Basingstoke in the UK.

My day job is helping customers with their data strategies and challenges.

I have several side hustles and one of these is the Change Management Toolkit, which is my "rising star".

How did you start this business? Take us through the process.

Several years ago I wanted to test if money could be made online.

I decided to go the online course creation route with my best selling course being based on some work I had done in my post graduate studies.

The approach was fairly basic, just recording some PowerPoint slides and adding some templates. The course helps entrepreneurs and small business owners plan their business (more at https://theplan.business).

I then started looking at no-code technologies and again I wanted to test if I could use no-code to build something sellable. I went the route of an information product/toolkit and I used Notion to achieve this.

This became the Change Management Toolkit which I now sell.

The only real cost was my time and later on when I had started generating some revenue, some tools to make my life easier. I now have several products which sell reasonable well,

BUT, not well enough to replace my 9-5 income. So they still remain side hustles. My plan is to build an ecosystem of products that will grow my online revenue.

What are some of your marketing strategies to get customers?

While I was building The Change Management Toolkit, I recorded and published several 'build in public' videos and shared these on social media.

Change Management Toolkit on Gumroad

I published the product on Gumroad, built a landing page, and also got the product listed in AppSumo (which later got delisted).

I did some basic (unpaid) promotion on LinkedIn and Twitter. I also published the product on several websites that sell Notion templates. Finally, I did also onboard an affiliate. Sales started trickling in and now the flow is a lot better. From a revenue point of view 40% comes from my landing page, 20% from the Notion website (market place), 15% directly from Gumroad, 13% from my email list and direct, and then a long tail.

Affiliate revenue is low but the highest conversion rate with the next highest being Gumroad direct and then the landing page. The product also ranks on page 1 of a Google search for 'change management toolkit'. I also did some paid ads on Google which resulted in ZERO revenue!

I continue to use the same channel above and am just starting to think about promoting the product on forums such as Reddit and industry related groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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How does your business make money?

The main monetisation method is one-off sales of The Change Management Toolkit and my older online courses.

I did initially offer an upsell on the toolkit of a consultation to get users up and running but this was not too scalable. My online courses are also available on platforms like SkillShare and SkillSuccess and the income from this is based on a revenue share from subscriptions rather than a once off sale.

One consideration is to create a SaaS product based on the toolkit and then grow subscription revenue from there.

The business currently makes just shy of $1,000 per month but this of course varies because it is not a subscription model.

Looking at what other businesses are doing, there is definitely an opportunity to grow this! It just needs some more work!

Where can we go to lean more about you and your business?

You can learn more about me by visiting www.gunterrichter.com. Please feel free to reach out, I would love to hear from you.

That’s a wrap! 🌯

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